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The union wants to access your bank account

SEIU 775 is in the middle of an effort to get individual provider home care aides (IPs) to approve a set of changes to the union’s bylaws. Many IPs have received a packet in the mail recently with voting instructions.

The reason SEIU 775 is seeking to implement these changes is because the union wants toaccess your bank account.

SEIU 775 has assembled a pseudo-union arrangement with the state of Washington where they collect double the usual union dues from IPs without the usual workplace service obligations. The union collects $31 million and employs 294 individuals with ten of these paid more than $100,000.

Since the Supreme Court’s Harris v. Quinndecision made union membership/dues payment optional for caregivers, SEIU 775 has repeatedly changed the fine print of its membership forms to make it harder for IPs to stop paying dues, and its doing it again.

Anyone who signs the newest version of the membership form agrees to, among other things, authorize the union to withdraw union dues directly from their bank account/credit card.

If your paychecks are currently deposited electronically in your bank account or paid to your debit card, the state already has your financial information on file and may make it available to the union.

To go along with the new membership form, SEIU 775 is currently conducting a vote on proposed changes to its bylaws. The changes (see Article 2.9) seek to let the union hire “an entity” to act as your “agent” for the purpose of collecting union dues from you, possibly by withdrawing the funds from your bank account or by billing your credit card. These changes will apply to every IP that hasn’t specifically opted out of the union, even if you’ve never signed a union membership form.

IPs who are worried about allowing SEIU 775 access to their private financial accounts should consider voting “NO” on the proposed changes.

One other way to try and prevent the union from billing your bank account or credit card is to resign your membership in the union and cancel the dues deductions from your pay by completing the opt out form available at: OptOutToday.com/seiu-775