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AFT 2309 – Oklahoma City

How educators in Oklahoma can opt out of AFT-Oklahoma Dues

Do the tactics of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Oklahoma make you uncomfortable as a member of this association? Do you seek to be perceived as a professional rather than a line worker? Did you join with some reservations which are being confirmed by the walk out? Do you wonder about the causes and ideology supported by your union dues?

Membership in the American Federation of Teachers and AFT-Oklahoma is optionalfor Oklahoma educators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I resign from Oklahoma City -AFT?

Completing the form above will generate a letter you can send to Oklahoma City -AFT to resign your formal union membership and cease paying dues.

Send a signed copy of your letter to:

Oklahoma City AFT Local 2309
2915 N. Classen, Suite 420
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

It is recommended that you send the letter via certified mail so you have proof of delivery.

It may be necessary to take steps to end your deduction with your bank or credit card if you are paying using those methods.

How much are AFT - Oklahoma dues?

Membership in Oklahoma City -AFT in 2017-18 is $656.40 for a certified, full-time educator.

$228 of this is sent to Washington, D.C. for the American Federation of Teachers, and the rest is for the local association, the state council, and AFL-CIO affiliates. AFT membership is “unified,” meaning one is not allowed to be a member of just the local association without also joining and funding the AFT.

How does Oklahoma City - AFT spend dues money?

Because the national level organizations have limited workplace responsibilities, their funds are commonly spent on politics and ideological causes. AFT in Washington D.C. acknowledgesthat more than a third of the funds they receive are used for extraneous purposes like politics and causes.

Public employee unions are private organizations with minimal obligations to disclose financial information to members. Private sector unions report to the US Department of Labor. The Oklahoma locals do not report the same information that private sector unions do, but the AFT does

As a nonprofit, the IRS requires the Oklahoma City –AFT local 2309 (EIN 73-0955513) to annually file a form 990 tax return. These are public documents and can be found online at sites like the Foundation Center.