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Every Public Employee should be free to make their own decisions about Union Membership.

While state law in Washington and Oregon currently does not go far enough in protecting public employees' rights, court decisions have established that public employees who don't wish to financially support their union do have options.

Thanks to Harris v. Quinn, "partial-public employees" like state-paid home care workers and child care providers do not have to pay any union dues or fees if they don't want to.

For the moment, public employees like teachers and state employees can be required to pay certain fees to a union as a condition of employment, but can't be required to pay to support their union's political and ideological activity.

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- Irvina, Child Care Provider

I'm a small business owner, not a state employee. I have never wanted to be a union member. I do not agree with the majority of the political positions of SEIU 925 and do not want my money supporting those positions. Thanks to Harris v. Quinn, I was finally able to opt-out of SEIU 925.

- Marcia, Home Health Care Provider

I'm caring for my adult child in my own home. I am not a Washington State employee and I certainly never wanted to be an SEIU member. If people want to join a union, that is their prerogative. I never understood why I didn't have the same choice. SEIU membership was forced upon me. I don't agree with SEIU policies or politics. They took money from our family every month, without my permission and used it for it promote policies I disagree with. I had no choice in the matter until Harris v. Quinn and Freedom Foundation came to the rescue.